Red, White, and Blues

This blog is primarily about Chelsea Football Club, written from an American’s perspective.  Since I’m based in the US of A, the blog also occasionally delves into the U.S. Men’s National Team and my local MLS club, FC Dallas.


Nathan Nipper 

My soccer journey began in the mid-1980s, in unlikely north-central Arkansas, where I played on my first team as a six-year-old.  From there, my soccer experience and perspective was honed and expanded while living in France and Senegal.  My playing days culminated in college, after which I embarked on a sporadic writing career in television.  Cheering on Chelsea helped me weather the difficulties of losing my job in 2010 and was the impetus for my return to coaching soccer as well as starting this blog.

I have been married to my college sweetheart for thirteen years and we have three children.  We reside in suburban Dallas, Texas, which according to Google maps is 4,754 miles from Stamford Bridge – a distance fortunately eliminated by Fox Soccer Channel and ESPN on Premier League weekends.

  1. Nathan,

    Dan and I are enjoying your blog. Thanks for the verbiage.

    Donnie Copeland

  2. Jeremy conrad

    Glad I found this blog! Very cool!

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