Opening Weekend Blues

It’s hard not to be disappointed by Chelsea’s 1 – 1 draw at Stoke

Logically, we shouldn’t worry about a draw on opening day.  It doesn’t mean all that much with so many fixtures ahead.  There are sure to be more disappointing draws and even losses this season.  But it’s hard for fans to keep that perspective.  It’s hard because you’ve waited all summer with such anticipation and buildup.  And then the first game finally arrives – Chelsea looking all shiny in their snazzy blues, AVB looking all svelte and sixties-ish with his black Chelsea-badged suit and skinny tie.  And then the team plays mostly like the team we suffered with last year.  You know, the one that perpetually schools teams in possession and scoring ops, but can’t find the back of the net.

Drawing against Stoke City is not the end of the world of course.  It’s just that after such a positive preseason I was hoping for a real opening game statement.  Something that would suck the wind out of the Man U/Man City sails.  Instead, Chelsea’s already two points back in the title race.  Here’s hoping we get our big statement win against West Brom on Saturday… and that the Manchesters lose of course.

Was the Stoke game cause for concern for Chelsea?

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