Essien Injury Blues

Bad news for Chelsea fans

Yesterday’s Michael Essien injury report from Chelsea HQ was a grim one for fans.  The right knee injury Essien suffered in training Friday was serious enough to warrant surgery (which he apparently had Monday).  According to the team, his recovery time could be up to six months.

Chelsea has a deep enough bench that they will survive this blow, although when he is fit, Essien is part of the essential core group that really anchors and steers the team.  He is a veteran whose relentless work effort will be missed.  For fans, the prospect of Chelsea without Essien for another half a season is very disappointing.  Even the best-case scenario probably won’t see him playing before February.  That could be just in time to provide a needed boost to EPL and Champions League title runs, but there are no guarantees with knee injuries.

I am disappointed for Essien.  It must be excruciating to have missed so much soccer in the prime of your career, knowing that players have a finite shelf life.  I’m certain it gets increasingly difficult to recover from serious knee injuries, and even when you do recover physically, recovering confidence can take even longer.

Since clubs are in the business of winning games, they often must separate themselves from fan sentimentality in these situations.  No matter how popular a player is, the club must have the necessary personnel available.  There are already reports of an increased Chelsea bid for midfielder Luka Modric that could help fill the void caused by Essien’s injury.

I fear Chelsea may run out of patience having to wait out another lengthy Essien injury and have to make some difficult decisions about his future with the team.  I hope Chelsea will stick by Essien and be quick to get him back on the field once he is ready.

Would Modric make a good replacement for Essien at midfield?

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