Ugo, FC Dallas!

Club looks to the future with recent contract extensions

This blog’s primary focus is my favorite team, Chelsea FC.  However, I also support my local club – FC Dallas of MLS – and will endeavor to write about them periodically.  Things have been looking up at FC Dallas the past couple of seasons and two key recent contract extensions are evidence that the club is moving in the right direction.

This week FC Dallas extended defender Ugo Ihemelu’s contract through 2015, a wise decision that followed a similar extension for midfielder Brek Shea a few weeks ago.  Head coach Schellas Hyndman is apparently dedicated to firming up the roster he has carefully constructed the past three seasons.  MLS has complicated rules and regulations when it comes to signing/keeping players, so it is great news for FCD fans that the club has arranged to retain two of its best players for several more seasons.  Hopefully we’ll see some other extensions before season’s end – Zach Loyd, George John, or Fabian Castillo perhaps?

I was skeptical and unenthused about Hyndman becoming head coach back in 2008.  I stand corrected however, as his patient building and shrewd scouting is starting to pay off.  The team made their first trip to the MLS Cup final last season and currently sits in second place behind the Galaxy in the Western Conference.

Now if we could only expand the local fan base to pay some more top players.  It pains me every time I’m at Pizza Hut Park or watching on TV to see so many empty seats.  We have a great stadium and one of the very best teams in MLS.  What gives, Dallas?

Pizza Hut Park

Which other current FC Dallas players would you like to see remain at the club long-term?


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  1. Hey Nathan! Thanks for pointing me to your blog.

    FC Dallas is really impressive this year, they are one of the MLS teams I root for when they are not playing the Timbers. All I can say is Shea is such a beast. I would argue he is one of the most valuable players in the league, currently. I hear you on the local fan base, with such a great team it hurts to see such poor support. It would be great to see Pizza Hut Park regularly packed out! Some day soon hopefully.

    I have had a chance to go to five or six Timbers games this year and they have been great. Garth and his wife are devoted season ticket holders, they have seats right next to the Timbers Army section. As you know, with Portland being an expansion team, we have had incredible fan support, but the team has some performance and chemistry issues they need to iron out.

    I’ll try to stop by regularly, and give your blog a read. I encourage you to keep writing on FC Dallas.


  2. Hey Dylan,
    Thanks for your comments! And thanks for checking out the blog. I have enjoyed seeing a few Timbers home games on TV this season. What a great stadium and fan support! Have to admit I’m a little envious as an FCD fan! Glad you’re getting to enjoy your own team in Portland. I’d love to make it up there for a game in person one of these days.


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