The New 2011/12 Chelsea Kits

Solid choices for next season’s jerseys

Guys never care more about fashion than when discussing team colors/uniforms.  You wouldn’t catch most guys having a similarly hearty debate by a shirt rack in the Gap, but in the context of our teams, suddenly we’re all designers.

I like simple jerseys, with streamlined sponsor logos.  I find French league jerseys way too busy, often resembling subway walls.  MLS kits are great by and large, if a bit homogenous (since all are Adidas).  The EPL’s are generally solid with occasional offenders (my retinas are still recovering from that hot pink Everton away number from season before last).  As a biased Chelsea fan, I think their uniforms have been mostly snazzy in recent years and I like their kit selections for next season.  You can buy yours here (I don’t get a cut – I’m just pointing the way as a public service).

I particularly like the way Adidas designed the new Chelsea home jersey – consistent with the past few seasons, but with small additions that make it new.  I really like the white shoulders and subtly alternating horizontal stripes within the blue.  Last season’s jersey is hard to beat (the red in the collar was cool), but the new one holds its own without reinventing the wheel…

As for the away kit, well, I definitely like it better than last season’s ode to Halloween colors.  I prefer it when teams don’t completely abandon their core colors in their away jersey, so I like the way this one ties in the blue via the square pattern on the front.  This one still doesn’t surpass my favorite Chelsea away jersey from the past several seasons – the ‘09/10 mostly-white alternate  – but it’s an improvement over last year…

So Chelsea fans, what do you think about the new threads – good, bad, or ugly?  Which league features the best kits overall?

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